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We Love Green / Community Projects

We choose to work for organisations whose work we value. Why? Because when we respect the work they do, it motivates us to do a great job and also improves our job satisfaction. Design is a powerful tool and when we focus our energies on working with organisations that matter we want to give them a greater chance of succeeding. This, in turn, we hope helps to make the world a better place. Read about some of our community projects below.

Here’s our Pinterest collection of community projects that are created globally and here on Mars.

International volunteering

current_project1As a substantial portion of you lifetime is spent working. It only seems fair that your career should provide you with the opportunity to do something really rewarding. The Bhutan Project was our crazy working adventure where we did just that. Media on Mars was invited to the Kingdom of Bhutan to help create their ‘Gross National Happiness’ (GNH) website. GNH is a Government Policy initiated but the King of Bhutan. It involves the government calculating the Gross National Happiness quotient of its people alongside the usual Gross Domestic Product index. The purpose of the website project is spread the word that the Kingdom of Bhutan puts the happiness and well-being of its people above its economic growth. For more info about this crazy adventure click here:





We have recently launched the much needed new website for St Pats Community Center in Fremantle. St Pats helps people who are homeless, needy and disadvantaged. Their services include meals, crisis support, accommodation, health and personal care and educational activities. Their new website showcases all the great things St Pats do, plus acts as a hub where clients can access support services and weekly activities.

St Pats also runs a Choir (The Starlight Hotel Choir) and they have recently been selected to participate in Australia’s Got Talent!

Click here to view the project

Freshwater Bay


Freshwater Bay Museum is the new name for the old, much loved Claremont Museum. The museum has recently undergone significant restoration works and to celebrate the opening of the upgraded facilities the town of Claremont have commissioned a website upgrade. We are delighted to have worked with the museum on this project as it is a project that is right up our street. The new website features a booking and events calendar, social media integration and a library catalogue of historical photographs from the area. The museum runs an education program for schools is designed to fit the curriculum and their new website will act as a portal for learning resources about the area that teachers can access and use in the classroom.

The website is beautifully designed and captures the history of the area in a contemporary and sophisticated framework.

Click here to view the project

St. Pats


Cancer Support Association supports a wellness approach to cancer care. Since 1984, the Cancer Support WA has helped and supported many thousands of people with cancer achieve wellness and healing. Media on Mars have been selected to design their new website. Their website integrates with a new CRM to help the organisation manage their client and supporter database. The project has been funded through Lotteries West and is a part of a much larger project to refurbish the building and infrastructure for the centre. The website features a calendar of events, an interactive blog, an online shop and donation facility. We are delighted to be a part of this great project.

Click here to see the new Cancer Support WA site