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48 at the Crossroads

Kammi and Marcus couldn’t be more excited about ducking out of the office tomorrow to scoot over to Melbourne for a wee bit. The trip collectively promises Burnley Bouldering Walls, doughnuts galore, a vegie burger or two, a Tim Burton Exhibition, and to top it all of AGDA VIC is holding a killer design event called 48 at the Crossroads.

With a bevy of creatives from highly acclaimed VIC design studios the speakers will respond to the idea of being at a crossroads, a significant moment, encounter or situation that brought about a change in direction or a clarification. The crossroads could be a project, person or process that changed the way they work, the output you make. Throughout history many movements, outcomes and ideas have come about from a punctuated moment of inspiration or insight.

SO excited.

Check it out here

48 at the Crossroads

48 at the Crossroads

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