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A Change in Environment Does Wonders for Productivity

Here at Media on Mars we are always trying to maximise happiness. We know that happy team members are more productive, more innovative and create beautiful work. This not only makes a wonderful working environment, it enables us to deliver our absolute best to our clients . This holistic approach makes it easier for us to achieve our company goals.

Letting people do the work they like makes them happy. The Mars team self-organises, we decide what project we’d like to work on and who we’d like to work with. This way we get a good mix of skill sets and brainpower. If we need a new skill we can call on another person to join the team.

We’re actively creating a flexible workplace, regularly our designers work from home or a café, even overseas on occasion and we’ve found that a change of scene can do wonders for creative output. Even a simple thing like having a dog in the office can change the atmosphere of our work environment. It’s well documented that employees who bring their dogs to work experience lower stress levels and report higher levels of job satisfaction. Bizarre but true.

It’s now five months since we started exploring the ideas behind a flexible workplace, so where are we now? We’re more productive, communicate with each other better and we know that an employee’s time at their desk is not the true measure of their productivity. Our journey is ongoing and we continue to grow and develop more and more as a team. Stay tuned.

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