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A Future Friendly Website

We don’t know what the future holds so it would be unwise to say we can create a website that is future-proof. However we can prepare and embrace the new and become more future-friendly.

We’re in the age of the digital omnivore and access media at different times from a multitude of different devices. People are accessing websites on-the-go or even while watching TV. Many people use desktops and laptop computers at work and use tablets for a more relaxed browsing experience when at home in the evenings.

Device Preferences Throughout the Day

Source: comScore Device Essentials, Monday, 21st January 2013

In Australia a fivefold increase is expected in mobile speed connection by 2015. It may well come to pass that download speeds on our mobile phones will outdo that of our ADSL2 connections. If you’re not already considering how your website will preform on mobile devises you need to do so. Already two-thirds of us sleep with our mobile phones. It’s the last thing we come into contact with at night and the first thing we touch in the morning.

People are interacting with websites on devices that, in many cases, didn’t exist when the site was originally built. With this in mind you should start thinking of the content of your website as water, ready to be poured into and fill a diverse selection of containers.

Content is like water

The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your website is constantly growing. Adaptive and responsive web design represents a shift in how we build websites, as they morph and shift depending on what screen it’s being viewed on. The content you create as a business or organisation should be considered in multiple contexts. A mobile web experience is not just your website but smaller, it’s a chance to consider the user in a different way. Are they on the move, do they require information prioritised in a different way. Having a strong content strategy in place that will be meaningful and relevant to your users is becoming a vital part of a web project.

The future is bright for web users and we all should be more accommodating of the diverse range of device and audiences out there.

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