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Avoiding the Spam Filter

Easy Ways to Ensure Your Email Campaign Reaches Your Subscribers

It’s no secret that us Martians love email marketing. It’s effective, speaks directly to your audience and is considered to be more “personal” than other online marketing strategies such as social media marketing. You can read more about our preferred email marketing program MailChimp in our past blog post Don’t Be a Chump Get Mail Chimp.

So, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a campaign that you hope your subscribers will love, but is your message going to end up flagged as spam?

Monitor Your Content and Subject Line

Ok, so obviously your campaigns are going straight to the sin bin if you use words such as drugs, Viagra, Nigerian Lottery or “I Found Out How to Beat the Casino” in your body content or subject line. Other basic rules of thumb are:

  • Don’t use words such as “Free” or “Winner” too much. Also content describing an urgent matter, some fandangle medical breakthrough or (my favourite) large amounts of money is a no-go.
  • Yes, you may be very excited but you’ll also be penalised for using more than one exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Go easy on the text colour. Too much brightly coloured text in hues such as red and green is an e-mail marketing faux pas.
  • A campaign made up entirely of an image will also cause you problems. Spam filters don’t like these and they can’t read the content and automatically presume that the message is malicious.

Collect Subscribers Legitimately

A subscriber must legitimately opt-in to your email newsletter database. Please (I beg you) do not purchase email lists. Yes, they’re only 30c per subscriber but they’ll bounce and you’ll probably be reported and blacklisted by mail servers such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. Plus it’s so 1995. Put your money towards purchasing Facebook fans from India (joking!).

Do you have an e-Commerce store? Just because people are purchasing from you does not mean that they automatically want to be on your mailing list. The same applies to competition entrants.

A couple of handy hints…

There are other ways you can be reported for spamming. Though your intentions may be good, chances are that a couple of your subscribers may accidentally flag you. Why? These days, when your inbox fills up with hundreds of newsletters per week it’s easy for people to simply forget that they opted in to your list. This tends to happen if you don’t send campaigns often enough. For example, you collect email addresses from your stall at a trade show, then wait 6 months to email them. Chances are, they’re going to completely forget who you are and ever joining your list.

It can even be attributed to basic human error, such as accidentally clicking the ‘Junk’ button.

And one last thing– your campaign must have a unsubscribe option. Don’t hide it as a frustrated receiver will simply flag you.

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