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Create A Facebook Fan Page… Part II

Lets get into the nitty gritty of how to create a FaceBook page.

First things first you do not actually need a personal FaceBook profile to create a page for your business. A FaceBook business account is another option and it will give you limited access to FaceBook, however you can’t view profiles of users or other content that is outside your page (or ad).

It’s also good to know that business accounts will not show up in searches and that you can’t send or receive friend requests through them. Therefore the recomendation from this camp is to sign up for a FaceBook profile first, if you haven’t got one already, the sign-up form is on the home page and it only take a minute to set up a basic account

FaceBook Profile Sign-up Form

FaceBook Profile Sign-up Form

One you have a FaceBook profile you can create your FaceBook page. You might remember from Part I that one of the advantages that a Page has over a Group is that you can remain anonymous so don’t worry about having your name publicly linked to the page you create.

Step I

Navigate to to get started. For the sake of this example my page is going to be for a local business, I chose café from the drop-down list to pick the type of business. I’ve also entered my business name which is Pygmalion Tea House. A word of caution: the category and business name are permanent there’s no going back so choose wisely.

Create a Page

Create a Page

You also need to check the box saying you are the official representative of your business or organisation. FaceBook does not look kindly on cyber-squatting. Their official line is:

Only the official representative of an organisation, business, celebrity, or band may create a Facebook Page. If you would like to create a Facebook presence for a celebrity or organization and you are not officially authorized to do so, we suggest you create a Facebook group instead, as these may be created and maintained by any user.

FaceBook will only disable your page for two reasons:

  1. Unauthorised usage or representation.
  2. Hurtful, threatening or obscene content.

(Unfortunately I’m not the owner of a tea house so I’ll be deleting this page once I’ve finished this how-to.)

Step II

The next screen will ask you to login to your FaceBook account.

FaceBook Login

FaceBook Login

Step III

Shazam, your page has been created, simple. You’ll see that it’s a blank canvas so you’ll have to add an image that will represent your business plus some basic information like phone number, address, email so people can find you.

Add content to your page.

Add content to your page.

Upload a photo/logo that represents your page.

Upload a photo/logo that represents your page.

If the image you uploaded is not square you’ll need to edit the thumbnail image. This small image is what will appear in other FaceBook users news feeds so it’s important that it looks well and fits into the small square.

Editing the Thumbnail

Editing the Thumbnail

Step IV

Now you needs some fans or Likes. The Martians recommend in these early stages to pester co-workers, family and friends and ask them nicely to become a fan.

The best way to do this is either email them your FaceBook address.

FaceBook Address

Or use the built in suggest to friends option on the page:

Select the friends you wish to suggest your page to.

Select the friends you wish to invite to your page.

When folks get to your page all they have to do is click the big Like button at the top of the page.

Like Page

Step V

Currently the URL of my tea house is:

Not very catchy or easy to remember which is why it’s a good thing to secure a vanity URL. In this case I want my address to be However I cannot do this straight away I need a minimum of 25 fans or Likes to do this.

Once you have secured your first 25 fans, go to to choose your username. Once again choose wisely as you can’t change your username.

Select your page from the drop-down list.

Select your page from the drop-down list.

That’s it :o)

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