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CRM Integration & Your Website

Some not-for-profit organisations gain from the increased efficiencies that CRM affords them, but many are still unaware of what it is and how it helps. So, recently we hosted a morning tea to chat about the benefits of integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with folks from the NFP sector.

We were not surprised (but truthfully a little shocked) to learn that many small and even quite large organisations are using labour intensive methods of managing contact databases, administering memberships, despatching mail outs and issuing invoices. The risk of error is enormous, not to mention the issues of inconsistency, staff training and expired data causing embarrassment.

Streamlining membership databases, reducing double handling and improving your email marketing are some of the attractive features of CRM. Users predominantly report how their efficiency and responsiveness improves dramatically once they have integrated their chosen CRM system.

We are hosting another morning tea soon and have invited Dr Vish Ramakonar and Ganesh Arulampalam from Sankhya Consultants to share their inimitable wisdom with us. We will chat specifically about open source CRM solutions for not-for-profit organisations.

Vish and Ganesh have over 20 years experience and are industry experts in delivering CRM solutions to not-for-profit organisations in Western Australia. They are also regular presenters at the Digital Enterprise Program (DEP) workshops run by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in joining our morning tea discussions please let us know.

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