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Digital Peel

Regional Development Authority Peel (RDA Peel) has been regularly employing the services of Media on Mars for print, web design and development since 2011.

The Peel region, located 75km south of the Perth CBD is one of the first regions in Western Australia to be connected to the National Broadband Network – the first national high-speed broadband network. Due to their location, current internet access is limited. Many residents are not able to use basic websites and software such as Skype and YouTube due to limitation in bandwidth.

John and the team at RDA Peel have used this momentous occasion as a platform to encourage residents of the Peel region who are not currently using the Internet to jump online and discover the potential of the world wide web.

The website is a hub for members of the community and businesses to gain information about what services are available at their fingertips.

For Community

There is a strong community focus in the website design. Designed to be a digital hub for members of the locality to share their stories about the region’s history and school children to express their vision for the area. RDA Peel is also encouraging members of the Peel community to contribute to an online timeline which will feature significant events which occurred in the region’s past.

For Business

Businesses are being encouraged grow their businesses online in order to improve productivity, expand market and customer base, streamline processes, or transfer data more easily.


As part of their online education initiative RDA Peel are using webinar technology. By creating webinars which are interactive, engaging and informative the Digital Peel website will empower people discover and learn about all facets of the online world – from music and entertainment to health services.



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