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Don’t Be A Chump, Get MailChimp

MailChimp is one of those cool programs that everyone should know about. If you’re not in the know on this one, then allow us to share the love here for a moment and tell you what it’s all about.

It’s one of the biggest and bestest email marketing manager around and sends over 20 million emails daily.  Here are a number of reasons why we think it’s great.

Lots of People Use It

More than 40,000 folks are using MailChimp as their email manager of choice. Whilst being popular doesn’t necessitate being good or cool, usually there’s a sense that if it’s so popular then it must be pretty easy to use. Also, it means there’s a really good support network. Surely if big successful folks like Google, Twitter, Paypal and Firefox are using it then it can’t be that bad right?

It’s Damn Cheap

When I say cheap, I mean more like free for under 500 emails per month. Even if you think you have more than 500 folks that you want to tell about your business, it’s only US$15 a month to take that quota up to 1000 emails you can send out. Check out the pricing plans for a closer look.

It Plays Nice

It’s such a good program that it has advanced social tools that will sync with email and social networking programs really well.

Under the Hood

Powerful features allow you to precisely target your email campaigns using powerful mailing list management tools and schedule your mail outs. Then you can track all your mailouts using powerful reporting tools and see the stats on who received your email, who opened it, you forwarded it, when they opened it and what they were most interested in. It will even manage your subscribers and unsubscribers.

Our Martian feelings on the matter…

It is our belief that there is no way that any small web company could develop proprietary email marketing system as comprehensive or cost effective as MailChimp.  Therefore Media on Mars uses and recommends MailChimp.

Some of the Perks of MailChimp

Comprehensive Support

MailChimp stats screen on your email campaign.

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