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The Energy That is All Around

‘ENERGY THAT IS ALL AROUND’ is a group exhibition currently showing at the San Francisco Art Institute.

The exhibition features the work of Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Alicia McCarthy, Barry McGee (aka Twist), and Ruby Neri. These five artists began their careers in the San Francisco Mission District and are known as integral members of the so-called Mission School. This art movement, otherwise known as New Folk or Urban Rustic emerged in the early 1990’s and the core artists all attended the San Francisco Art Institute.

Barry McGee (aka Twist) is a prominent figure in the art world famous for his painted portraits of mens faces on various materials including glass bottles. His wife Margaret Kilgallen who also painted under the name of Matokie Slaughter (a famous banjo player) was an artist, surfer and accomplished banjo player herself. She is famous for her hand painted signage style lettering. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with their first child although she nobly chose to carry the baby to full term and sadly passed away at age 33, three weeks after the birth of their daughter Asha. The couple often painted together shown on videos which can be viewed here.

There is another write up about the exhibition here on one of our favourite websites Fecal Face.

Below are some examples of the work that can be seen at the exhibition and various pieces by the artists.

Exhibition flyer

Margaret Kilgallen Margaret Kilgallen Barry McGee Margaret Kilgallen 030Barry McGeeBarry McGeeMargaret KilgallenBarry McGee

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