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Martian becomes caped crusader by lunchtime!

On a road rarely crossed ‘cept by folk that are lost, one Martian came upon an unusual find in Brooklyn. It would be fair to say that when she woke up that morning, Ute had no idea she would become a caped crusader by lunchtime!

After enjoying the natural beauty of the south-west on a recent trip to the USA, Ute managed to squeeze five days of exploring New York into her itinerary. On a wander in Brooklyn she came across an unusual shopfront tucked away in Park Slope on 5th Avenue.

The signwriting on the shopfront caught my eye; the typography was lovely. It said Brooklyn Superhero Supply and I was very curious to find out what on earth they sell. As I stepped inside the ‘costume shop’ I was asked by a nice lady about my favourite colour and what planet had I visited from today. I replied, Mars (of course) and she responded by adorning me with a suitable superhero cape. While being blasted by a high-powered fan I tried to figure out what this was all about?

The store stocks everything a modern-day superhero needs – from capes, secret identity supplements, how-to manuals and other crime fighting paraphernalia. All of which is beautifully designed and displayed. BUT, as Ute discovered, the store has a second, secret identity. The real work is behind a false bookcase (awesome). Concealed, an after-school writing lab created by the not-for-profit group 826NYC offers free writing workshops for kids ages 6 to 18. Kids can drop in on weekdays for after-school tutoring or take a variety of literacy and creativity workshops.

To attract children and help finance the project, the 826NYC organizers decided they needed a front. All profits from the store, which is run by volunteers, goes directly to support the students at the writing lab. If you are in the area head to Park Slope and check this place out. Or if you can’t get there in person have a look at their website. Purchase anti-gravity for only $9.00 or for the more devious superhero try a bottle of chaos ‘For use by licensed heroes only. Reformed villains must provide 3 letters of reference from non-family members. Please keep in mind that Chaos is not as fun as it sounds.’



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