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Get Listed on Google Places

Google Places is where you create your business listing that will appear on Google Maps. As of April 2010 it’s the new name for Google’s Local Business Center. Places will connect people to information from business owners, displaying photos, reviews and other essential facts.

Google Maps listings always appear at the top of Google’s search results so it’s pretty important to get your business listed. It’s simple to create a listing and we’re going to run your through the process step by step to make it even easier.

Step I

First of all you need a Google Account if you don’t already have one you can use your normal email address e.g. to sign up for an account (it doesn’t have to be a Gmail one). Go to to get started.

Sign up or Sign In

Step II

Click the ‘Add new business” button.

Create Listing

Step III

Fill in your business information and click next.

Add Details

Step IV

Google may check with you to make sure your listing is not already entered, in this case our listing is the correct one so ‘Add Listing’ is the correct option.

Correct Listing

Step V

Google will now ask you for more detailed information about your business, to quote Google…

“If people know when you’re open or can see some pictures of your business, they’re more likely to visit you. All of this information is optional and can be entered at a later time if you’re in a hurry to see your business appear on Google Maps.”

The more information you enter the better. Google search bots favour businesses that have completed the form in full.

One you have completed this page click ‘Submit’.

Listing Info

Step VI

The final step is to verify your listing as this identifies you as the business owner. You can do this by phone, SMS or by post. Once you have completed this step click ‘Finish’. Your listing will be activated as soon as it is verified.

Verify Listing

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