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Getting the Balance Right

We thought we would take the opportunity in this section of our blog to share a little Mars culture and history with you.

We Are Work Life Balance Aficionados

Over the past ten years, we have collectively developed an ethos of constructing a workplace where staff can have flexibility to manage their life-work balance.

Getting the Balance Right

Sut-e: Getting the Balance Right

This has come out of a desire to retain great staff as well as our sanity. The fact that many of us have become parents during those ten years has dragged us kicking and screaming into the work life balance conundrum. We don’t always win the balance battle but we make it our business to give it a damn good crack.

Our latest project aimed at winning the balance battle is to introduce a job share arrangement for 2 of our very talented graphic designers who juggle the balance of work and parenthood. So from last month Sim + Ute merged into one designer (“Sut-e”) which is working out peachy mostly due to their incredible will and talent as well as their exceptional organisational skills. More info about the balance battle coming soon.

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25 Years

In the game for twenty-five years.

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