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Google User Reviews Can Help Optimise Your Site

We have probably talked to you about how important it is to register your business with Google Places to improve your website ranking. Hopefully you have done this already.  If not have a look at our previous post. Once that is done it’s time to start building and adding to that listing.

It’s important to optimise this listing as much as possible.  Optimising means putting in photos, descriptions, and as many reviews as possible.  A review is a testimonial in just a sentence or two about your services from a client or supplier.  Under some of the reviews you will see there is a response from the owner which further enhances this listing meaning it will rank better. Google has recently introduced this feature have a look at our listing and you’ll see what we mean.

Asking people to do reviews for you can be daunting but often people are happy to do it and sometimes thinking laterally about how to get testimonials can help.  We are often asked to do sponsorship work so we have made it part of our sponsorship contract that we will ask for a Google Review.  It is important that these testimonials are genuine as Google has eyes everywhere and can spot the fake ones.

Also worth checking out is Google Hot Pot.  We will talk more about this in our next post.

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