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Grow Your Google+ Reach

In a previous post we spoke about how to create a page for your business on Google+. Now that your page is set up you need to reach out to your customers and followers to let them know about it. Remember that folks must follow your page before you can add them to your circles. Once in your circles you can push posts and information to their feed and increase your business exposure.


Circles are the way you connect with other people and business on Google+. You can group people together in different circles basically how you think of them in real life. So you might have

  • Co-workers share social events or company announcements.
  • Clients share tips and help
  • Heros business or people that you admire whose content you repost.

You can have as many circles as you like and you can post content publicly or to specific circles.

  • To add people to a circle select People from the main Google+ menu on the top-left of your page.
  • Use Suggestions to find people who’ve added you to circles or to add people to your circles.
  • Use ‘Find coworkers’ or ‘Find classmates’ to find additional people and add them to your circles.

Google Circles People


Always remember that you are using social media. Be social, start a conversation, post content that sparks a response

  • End your post with a question
  • Think of your posts as a TV series, you want to create interesting content that will draw them back for more. For example post a photo every few days documenting the run up to an event, then create a video of the event itself.
  • Always respond to users who post on your page, don’t leave them hanging. Treat it like a normal conversation, ask other questions push the conversation forward.
  • You can also mention people/places in your posts. This draws other people to the conversation and engages them.
  • Use unique hashtags. If you are promoting an event over the course of a three month period create a unique hashtag that will identify all the posts relevant to that event. The Fremantle Dockers have been promoting the run up to the grand final using the hashtag #FreoFinalsFever, this means they can track all the comments and conversations about the event.

Develop Your Reputation

  • Share interesting articles that are relevant to your field, add a comment and share your opinion to build your reputation.
  • Offer advice, encourage your customers to ask questions, this give you an opportunity to show your expertise and show your dedication to customer service.
  • Try posting tips, you can link it back to blog posts with more information. You are good at what you do and you should share your knowledge. Your content should be episodic, it’ll keep people interested and coming back for more.
  • Add businesses you admire or specialists in your field to your circles. Comment on other posts to give yourself exposure.

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