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Hashtag shortcut tip

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Blog post author picture: Isabel Kruger

We have to admit that some days a handy tip comes along that becomes an essential to a workflow. This is one we guarantee you’ll love as much as we do.

Save time by using shortcuts

It’s not a backstreet route to school drop-off, it’s keyboard shortcuts on your phone. Especially handy for pasting your favourite bunch of hashtags into an Instagram post.

On your iPhone go into Settings > General > Keyboard and scroll down to Shortcuts. Select ‘Add New Shortcut’. You can add a phrase, a sentence or series of hashtags and enter, under ‘Shortcut’, the word or a special code you will use as the signal to populate.

On your Android, if you don’t have the option of Shortcuts in your Settings > Language and Input, you will need to download Google Keyboard which is free.

Make sure your shortcut word, number or code is one that you don’t use too often or your friends will receive text messages chocked with a pile of hashtags!

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