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How to Create A Google+ Page for Your Business

Everyone has a Facebook page for their business right? But do you have a Google+ page?

Google has changed its search engine optimisation (SEO) to include SMO (social media optimisation) and then allocated the biggest amount of points to Google+. Maybe this is what has caused it to become the second-largest social networking site in the world; it surpassed Twitter in January of this year with active users clocking in at 359 million. So now is definitely the right time to get your business on Google+.

In a follow on post to this we’ll tell you how you can use your new page to benefit your business, but for the time being let’s go though how to create a page for your business.

Consider Google+ as a public identity for your business within the Google world. It allows you to engage and connect with your customers and develop your brand. At Mars Google+ allows us to explore as well as demonstrate our creative side.  We can follow industry leaders on an international scale as well as connect with local clients.

If you want to create a business page on Google+ you will need a personal profile to act as the owner of a business page. Make sure to create your personal profile using your real name as if you try to create a profile with your business name your account could be suspended. (You can personally remain anonymous to those interacting with your Google+ business page.) will take you to the set up page and it will guide you through the process in a few steps.

One you have created your personal profile you can make one for your business. Hover over the Profile/Home button in the top left-hand-corner of the screen. From the left-hand navigation, click on the Pages icon. Then click Create a page in the upper right corner of the screen.



Select a category that best describes your business. If you have a shop-front or business address that you want to promote select Local Business or Place, that means it will show in Google Maps. Once you’ve created your page you can’t change the category, so choose wisely.

Local Business

Enter your phone number. If Google finds your business, select it, review the information and click create. If Google can’t find your address, click  Add your business to Google. Then enter some info about your business, select a category, and click Create.

All Other Categories

Enter your business name, website address, select a category, and click Create.

  1. Enter a tagline in the Story field (this is unavailable on Local pages). This tells the world what you do in ten words or less.
  2. Upload a profile photo, try and use a company logo, for best results choose an image that is 500 x 500 pixels in size.


  1. You can add a cover photo that represents your business. This should be 2120 x 1192 pixels, this might seem very big but Google will scale it to fit whatever device you’re on whether it be a smart phone or desktop computer.
  2. Remember you can change your profile picture at any time.
  3. Click About and fill in the rest of the information about your business. You can add in opening hours, email addresses and a full description.


You can also add links to other places where you’re on the web like YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc. You can also add photos and video–the more media rich your page is the more interesting it is to your visitors.

Switch between your personal profile and business page by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Begin posting…

Click into Share what’s new… and start typing your post. Add a photo or video or link.

Keep track of what you want to post in a calendar and devise a plan of when to post, this way it’ll be easy for you to keep your page updated and connect with your followers.


Have a look at the Media on Mars Google+ page.

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