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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

Design — whether it be for web, an app, a logo, or any other thing — is all about communication and collaboration. Just as a writer is not simply someone who can use a keyboard, a graphic designer is not just someone who can use the Adobe Suite. It’s important that you are open to new concepts and ways of thinking about your project. At the end of the day you are paying for the designer’s ideas and opinions as much as their skills in Photoshop.

For many of our clients, their first experience working with a creative person is when they begin working with our team on their website design or branding project. It’s a new relationship riddled with intricacies, but we want to make it as smooth as possible. Here are some tips for communicating with your graphic designer.

Provide a solid brief

Often clients are afraid of giving too much direction with a design, not wanting to influence the designer with their thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately this can lead to the other extreme of not supplying any direction at all. If you don’t have any strong ideas on layout or design that’s OK, but you do need to give some clear direction as a starting point as this is how you will visually communicate your brand. It can be as simple as explaining what you are trying to convey to your customers, providing some colours you like, and providing some visual cues.

Provide visual cues

Your designer can probably tell more about what you like from the visual aids you send them in your brief than anything else. A handful of links to other websites you like or logos from other companies you have seen will help your graphic designer identify common features you may not have thought to mention. Ultimately designers are visual people, so sending them visual cues as to your preferences will help them get a better overall picture of your preferences.

Trust Your Web or Graphic Designer

Try not to hold a pre-conceived notion of how your design will look. You are paying for our expertise and skills, so let us help you. Let your designer add their creativity to the arsenal of information you have just provided. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Give constructive and specific feedback

Believe it or not, graphic designers love feedback as long as it’s well structured and useful. When providing feedback, try to offer value to the process. Explain what you like about the design and why. If you aren’t happy with a colour or a layout idea, try to be specific about the elements that are bugging you. Often a design can be one small change away from perfection, so help the designer pinpoint the problem by avoiding vague comments and unhelpful feedback.

Remember that you are an integral part for the design process, so getting the most out of your designer can often come down to being a good client. Knowing how to communicate your ideas effectively to a creative person will ultimately lead to a better design outcome for you, and a better working relationship with your designer.

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