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How to Use Twitter

Twitter is designed to work on your mobile phone as well as your computer.It’s free and it’s basically a microblogging service. Posts or tweets are limited to 140 characters so messages are short and sweet.

You post updates by typing in the What’s happening? field at the top of the page (1.).  When you follow someone on Twitter their tweets will appear on your page with the most recent one at the top. Your tweets will also appear here see the area marked (2.) in the image below. If you have 10 followers they will all display on the page in reverse chronological order. This means you have a live feed of what people are up to.

Twitter Page

Twitter Page

Have a Conversation




In your feed you might notice an @ in front of a username, in the example above @judyblume, it will appear in Judy’s Twitter feed so it’s a public reply. In turn they can send a public reply to you by typing @ and your username.


A hashtag #  before  a word creates a search for that term. Do a little research first to check if the topic you’re tweeting already has an established hashtag. Hashtags are used to identify updates related to a particular term.

For example if I type the following as an update:

@myfriend I went to see #inceptionfilm last night.

It alerts myfriend (myfriend being their username) that I’m talking to her and that I went to see Inception last night. Notice that I used the established hashtag for Inception rather than just #inception. This mean she’ll be able to find the official Inception page on Twitter and other conversations mentioning it.

Reply & Retweet

Responding to a tweet is simple jsut hover over it and a reply option will come up, click that and the @username will automatically be added to your update.

Retweeting is handy if you find a tweet interesting and you want to pass it on to your followers just click retweet and it will be added to your feed.

Reply Retweet

Reply Retweet

Direct Messages

You can also send private messages to people who follow you these are called direct messages and are good for when you want to keep things private.

That’s the basics and enough to get you started 🙂

Twitter is will be undergoing a facelift soon and there’ll be some new features so we’ll revisit and explore the new interface then.

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