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Books Martians Love

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There are books and then there are ‘books’ – ones we love to hold and cherish.

We asked Lauren, one of graphic designers, about a particular favourite she’d like to share with us.

“It’s lost its dust jacket but I love the bare cover. It’s a great little book. It’s full of lovely examples of line drawing and mark making. It’s one of my ‘go-to’ books for inspiration and I find it almost meditative flicking through the pages.”

When Lauren joined the studio she brought in a selection of her beautiful art book collection for her desk. She says they are a source of inspiration and offer a welcome meditation, when her creative flow needs a reboot.

‘Creative Drawing – Point and Line’ was worth the $2.50 investment when Lauren found it in a second hand bookshop, possibly Save the Children or Elizabeth’s in Subiaco, about 10 years ago.

Lauren describes her love of this book,

“It’s one of my favourite books for many reasons – it’s useful, it’s beautiful, it concerns drawing. It’s a nice size to hold too, an important consideration when handling a book.”

If you’d like to source a copy for yourself, Lauren recommends a quick search on AbeBooks (or similar) where she has spotted it for around US$50.

Search for:


Point and Line

Ernst Rottger and Dieter Klante

B.T. Batsford Ltd, London 1964

Do you have a book you cherish? 

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