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Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is just a fancy term for your website statistics. They are very a powerful business tool if used well.  They will help you to make better and more informed decisions and changes to your website which will ultimately results in a better quality site and in turn more sales and more enquiries.

Your Analytics will tell you:

  • The number of people visiting your website and amount of time spent they spent on site
  • The keywords used to find your website on search engines.  i.e. what words did they type into Google to do a search for you.
  • Which countries and cities your visitors come from
  • Which pages of your site are being viewed and for how long
  • Traffic sources (i.e. if they came from links on other websites which websites were they)
  • Browsers and connection speed of visitors to your website
  • When people visit your website (date and time) and what they are looking for.

There are many great resources on the web if you want to learn more about Google Analytics:

Please note it takes a few months for your site to index with Google and in the meantime you should begin working through the DIY SEO guide we have sent you as these tasks will help to improve your ranking with Google.   If you would like another copy just let us know.

Below are a few definitions of techy words that Google uses. 

Key Words: are the words people type into the Google tool bar when they are search for products.  i.e. someone looking for a haircut Fremantle would type >> Hairdresser Fremantle.  It is important to know what these words are for your website so you can make sure you use these words regularly in your website content.

Absolute Unique Visitors: People who know your website address and get to it by typing in your exact address

Pageviews:   Number of times a page is accessed, whether by single visits or one person viewing it multiple times.  As distinct from unique pageviews.
Bounce Rate:  People who click on your site and then click away straight away.  i.e. they spend very little time on your site

DashBoard: The Administration Panel to access your analytics

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