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Is your small business page optimised for Facebook’s new graph search?

Facebook Graph Search is designed to give answers to natural language queries rather than a list of links. So you might ask it for “Restaurants in Fremantle?”. Or you could go for a more detailed query: “People who live in Fremantle who like dogs and Game of Thrones?”. The Graph Search algorithm finds information from within a user’s network of friends plus Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Facebook Graph search is now available to all users who view Facebook in US English and soon it will roll out to English (UK) users.

Here’s some basic tips to make sure your business page will be found when users start using this new search feature.

Secure a username for your page

Facebook pages by default have URLs something like this:, what you want is this This is also helps your Google search results and early reports are saying that it will help your Facebook Graph search. Go to to lock-in a username for your page.

Make sure your address is correct and up-to-date and matches the one on your website

Graph searches are often based on location so having the right address will make sure you appear in appropriate location searches for a service. 

Facebook graph search

Click the About link to edit/update your details.

Facebook graph search

Our Facebook address matches the one on our website.

Fill out all the information in the “About” section of your Facebook page

This will make it easier for Facebook to index your page and help people understand your services. You can edit your info here:

Include keywords in your About info. For example, here at Media on Mars web design is a great key word to describe what we do. If they are relevant you can also use hashtags in your status updates to help Graph Search visibility. E.g. #webdesign, remember not to over do it with hash tags so your posts don’t appear spammy.

Facebook graph search

Click edit on your info page to update all your information.

Encourage people to check in

People share their location when they check in to your business and this can help your Graph Search ranking.

Facebook graph search

The public display of your page will display a check in button.

Post relevant and interesting media

Graph Search makes it super-easy for users to find photos and videos so make sure you have media on your page that is relevant to your business so you show up in media searches.

In the example below, taken from the Media on Mars Facebook page, you can see that we’ve marked the location of the photo at our office and we’ve tagged it with illustration. These small steps may help if a Facebook user is searching for “Illustrators in North Fremantle”. Graph already knows we’re in North Fremantle because our About section is fully complete and we’ve mentioned illustration as one of our services (also in the About section). Now we’ve reenforced that service with a hashtag.

Facebook graph search

Remember to keep your hashtags relevant and to a minimum.

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