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Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Centre Workshop

Recently I ran a workshop with migrant women from the Multicultural Women’s Centre in Mirrabooka – Ishar. The workshop was funded by the Mental Health Commission and was designed to get input and feedback on the design for an upcoming publication being produced by ISHAR about the journey of parenting for Migrant women living in Australia. Given my background in art education it was great to work with the women and their children on illustration, storytelling, family timelines and photography.

The publication that resulted from the workshop is for a multicultural audience we also asked the women to write words from their journey in their native language so that we could use these elements throughout the publication. The workshop was lively and vibrant with women from Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Iraq and their  young children creating family drawings and timelines. They all provided key input into the artwork we create.

From here we will take the elements created during the workshop and use them to design a vibrant and colourful publication that tells the stories of these women and their families. 

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