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Here at Media on Mars we believe in good design and good advice we do not believe in bugging you with emails every time we have good information or news to share.

If you want to keep updated with what’s going on at the blog and Media on Mars you have a few options:

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We won't spam you with emails.

We won’t spam you with emails.

Mmmm so what’s an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed allows you to see new blog content without having to visit our site. Yes we know anything that saves time is awesome. How many websites have you intended to go back to and then forgotten about, even a bookmarked page gets forgotten.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed any new content from our blog will come directly to you, easy peasy.
You can read RSS feeds with an iGoogle page or a MyYahoo page or some people prefer to use a separate RSS reader.

You can also have updates delivered to your email client.

You can learn how to add an RSS Feed to Outlook.

Mac users can also add a feed to their inbox in Mail.

Where do I find RSS Feeds?

They are everywhere most news sites and blogs have them just look for this icon:

RSS Icon

We have one just like it in the bottom right hand corner of every page, right next to our FaceBook and Twitter links.

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