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Magic Mushrooms (Not the Hallucinogenic Kind)

Paul Stamets is a mycologist. No, that doesn’t mean he’s an expert on Clash of the Titans, it means he’s really into Fungi, or as our chief programmer Jeff says; “He must be a fun guy”.

Paul’s the kind of guy who likes to roam around ancient forests for a good time with his wife and go fungus spotting. He does this so that he can find rare strains of fungus and try to help encourage its growth on a larger scale for all sorts of ecological campaigns. You should see the crazy stuff he’s working on. Not only can he convert a toxic mound into a flourishing hill of ecological healthiness but he can show you how he made natural spore pesticides that will deter ants and termites from eating through your walls, or turn the ant into a mushroom itself (I’m not making this up I swear).

Do yourself a favor and kick back with a bowl of shitake and see 6 ways that mushrooms can save the world.

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