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Maintain a Mentally Healthy Workplace

If you are anything like us, you constantly seek ways to maintain a mentally healthy balance between work and the rest of your life.

Heads Up! is a fantastic free resource for folks looking to improve or manage mental health at work. Developed by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and beyondblue, Heads Up calls on business leaders to make a commitment and start taking action in their workplaces.

‘Mentally healthy workplaces work better for everyone, and Heads Up is all about giving individuals and businesses free tools and resources to take action.’

Ways to encourage a healthy, balanced workplace

As a small business that focuses on making sure the studio is a great place to work, Media on Mars was invited to take part in the Heads Up initiative. We are delighted to support this great resource. Kammi, Principal Martian, recorded a podcast for their small business case studies. She talks about the strategies and activities she uses to encourage a healthy, balanced workplace at Mars.

Have a happy work life balance

Although the podcast isn’t available yet (we’ll let you know when it is), Kammi shares her tips here on how the Martians stay happy with work life on Mars.

Be a Mentally Healthy Small Business – 10 tips

These tips are most suitable for small businesses, but bigger companies would do well to embrace them too:

  1. Trust:
    Our workforce is highly skilled, we are dedicated professionals, so we don’t need to enforce a clock-in mentality of 9-5.
  2. Confidence:
    I have faith in each team member to rise to the tasks and challenges in hand. Micro-managing kills confidence. You could say I avoid this, by only recruiting the best!
  3. No hierarchy:
    We have a flat structure. Because everyone is an expert in their field – all staff are senior and drive with confidence. This eliminates ‘politics’ and ‘posturing’, each person is respected.
  4. Regular check-up:
    At our weekly meetings, WLB is always on the agenda – we check in with everyone to make sure they are not overloaded, struggling or under-utilised. And if so, we work out a strategy to share the load, without compromising quality of performance or life. Communications are open all the time – we check in with each other regularly, we don’t have to wait for a meeting!
  5. Be choosy:
    We say no to work if it’s not suitable for us or we can’t deliver. We refer clients to other professionals that we know can do the work. We don’t believe in taking on everything that comes through the door. We actively seek work that aligns with our business vision and where we know we can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Five more tips on Maintaining Workplace Wellbeing

  1. Sitting at the same desk isn’t always productive:
    Work can be completed anywhere – in the studio, at home, in the local cafe. I’m a firm believer that different workspaces are suitable for different productivities.
  2. There’s life outside work:
    It’s important to recognise that we all have family and other commitments; and in the greater scheme of things, these are a priority. So we’re flexible. Many of us leave the studio at 3pm to collect children from school. If required, we use other productive times of the day to complete tasks that need our 100% focus. For me, that’s 6-8am!
  3. Mix it up:
    Meetings don’t always have to be in the meeting room. Host your meetings at a cafe for a change, over breakfast or walk and talk.
  4. Physical health:
    We encourage moving around, standing desks, drinking water and taking a breath of fresh air.
  5. Prevention is better than cure:
    Take your sick days!

We welcome your comments. If you have any ideas or suggestions on habits to improve WLB, please let us know – we love to learn and carry on improving.

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