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Meet the Martians: Kate, Studio Manager

Over the coming months on our blog we’ll be giving you an insight into life on Mars. We’ll introduce the Martians, showcase our favourite projects and give you a peek into the studio space where the magic happens. Starting with an introduction to our newest Martian and Studio Manager – Kate.

Kate has all the qualities that make for a stellar manager, she’s organised, nurturing and eternally optimistic. You know those people that you’ve only just met and it feels like you’re old friends, that’s our Kate. Ensuring clients are happy, schedules are on track and budgets are met are all part of her day-to-day here on Mars. She has a sixth sense of understanding the unique qualities and challenges of each client’s project. Kate ensures nothing gets missed throughout the journey of planning, strategy and design development. She bridges the gaps between design and developer speak and makes sure the Martians have all the information they need to perfect each design. In a project it’s invaluable to have someone like Kate who’s got your back.

If you want to talk to Kate about an upcoming website or branding venture, you can email her here.

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