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Moving Office

We’ve finally settled in to our new office and made it our own. There was a lot of lifting, arranging, carrying, painting, dusting, cleaning and wiring done but it was worth it. Have a look at some photos after the jump.

Check out where we are onĀ Google Maps.

Here we are!

Here we are!

Sometimes we may arrange to meet down the road at the coffee shop – Latitude 9 259 Queen Victoria Steet (next door to the old Mars)


Sim gets a little bit of research done.

Settling in to the new office.

Settling in and loving the new office.

Intern Cael tries to get a bit of work done mid move.

Intern Cael tries to get a bit of work while the old office gets gutted and stripped down.

There was some heavy lifting involved.

There was some heavy lifting involved on possibly the hottest day this Spring.

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