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Moving to Mars

Ever wondered what it’s like to live on Mars?

Australian comedian, physicist and former soldier Josh Richards plans to leave Earth and travel to Mars in nine years time, never to return. Once on Mars the human body changes in a way that means you may never return to planet Earth. Not-for-profit organisation Mars One Mission plans to establish a permanent settlement on Mars in order to accelerate our understanding of the formation of the solar system, the origins of life, and of equal importance, our place in the universe.

What is it like to live on Mars?

1. The Martian “day” is about half a hour longer than Earth.

2. The time delay is about 40 minutes so a phone call will be very frustrating.

3. A 45 kilo man would weigh 17 kilos on Mars.

4. It will take around 7 months to get to Mars.

5. Mars is much colder than Earth, in large part due to its greater distance from the sun. The average temperature is about -60 degrees, although they can vary from -126 degrees near the poles during the winter to as much as 20 degrees at midday near the equator.

6. On Mars one must bunny hop rather than walk to get around.

7. You can jump alot higher on Mars than you can on Earth.

8. Mars has volcanoes, polar ice caps and there is red dust EVERYWHERE especially during the never ending dust storms, so take soap.

9. Mars contains the largest labyrinth of intersecting canyons in the solar system called the Noctis Labyrinthus (“labyrinth of the night”).

10. Vegetables will be grown in greenhouses and the new Martians will have total religious freedom!

With his distinctively warped comedic style, Josh Richards invites you to join him on the greatest adventure of all time – the human colonisation of Mars – in a show that blends science, comedy and rock music. See Josh’s show ‘Mars Needs Guitars’ at the LotteryWest Science Theatre next Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th for $20. Tickets for sale here.

Mars colony

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