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Museum Website Design– Town of Claremont Freshwater Bay Museum

Situated on the stunning Mrs Herberts Park beside Freshwater Bay, the historic Town of Claremont Freshwater Bay Museum building has recently been beautifully restored. As part of the museum’s rejuvenation journey the wonderful team at Freshwater Bay Museum enlisted the services of Media on Mars to design and develop a new website which would meet their needs.

The Freshwater Bay Museum has an extremely busy education program which is typically booked out a year in advance. Subsequently, one of the highest priorities for this project was to install an online booking facility for schools to book visits. Schools are now directed to the museum’s booking page where they can select the day (or days) they would like to visit. An automatic email is then sent to the Education Officer for them to manually approve the reservation. The booking page also features a number of downloadable resources for teachers to access, such as activity sheets and feedback forms.

In addition to running enriching education programs for children, Freshwater Bay Museum is also home to a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions. Through their new Content Management System (CMS) the staff at the museum are able to create new online exhibitions and display their beautiful collections.

The Media on Mars team also created a number of custom forms for the website, allowing for members of the public to register to volunteer online or express their interest in donation an object to the museum’s collection– a process which will streamline operations at the Museum’s head office.

The website is adaptive and features a mobile version, and has been beautifully designed.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.18.31 PM


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