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A New Era of Domain Names

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Blog post author picture: Orla Larkin

Exciting times in the world of domain names, as over 175 new extensions have been announced. This means that you can find a domain name that fits your business. Every new business owner knows how difficult it can be to find a domain name since so many are taken. Now if you’re a photographer you can indicate your profession through your domain name, for example

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), is the non-profit body that governs the Internet, and they have authorised the creation of hundreds of new domain extensions to increase choice. For the first time, there will be domain extensions in non-Latin characters e.g. Arabic, Chinese and languages based on the Cyrillic alphabet. The new domains were launched in November 2013 and others will follow over the next two years.

Browse the full list of available domains.

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