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Old school ways win the day!

We thought we’d tried everything but now we’ve found it! After investing time in two software programs, a whiteboard and an e-calendar – it was still hard to keep track of what the left hand was doing in the Studio.

By going back to basics we’ve hit on the best project management tracking tool ever – and it’s not digital. It’s physical, it’s visual and it’s a large metallic board covering four weeks of projects. Why do we love it so much?

Two women adding tasks to a magnetic board

  1. At a glance we can see who’s booked, who’s busy, who’s away, who’s kicking their heels and when we can look forward to celebrating a milestone.
  2. It provides an opportunity to move our bodies – rise from our chairs and stand up tall.
  3. It’s fun – Orla printed some of our Instagram photos on magnets with Sticky9 to jazz up the board and we love surprise messaging.
  4. It encourages collaboration away from our screens.  For big projects the whole team can be involved in the scheduling and they have to move away from their desks.
  5. We made it just for us to suit our specific needs.  This means we are not stuck with someone else’s system that doesn’t quite work for us and we can change it as things evolve.  i.e. this week we made a due date column so everyone can see all the imminent deadlines.
  6. There are no ongoing costs because we made it!!!
  7. We are asking all our friends to collect magnets from their travels to post too.
  8. Sometimes we love old school – like gardening twine and record-players.

You know we love, live and breathe digital ways, but sometimes we have to swallow and accept that the old ways can be better!

If you like what we do, please share with your friends – we’re not precious, especially about things that help us all to lead better, happier lives! What do you use to track your projects?

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