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One Cat Fight Not to be Missed

The Martians couldn’t be prouder that their interns Cael and Lyn are gearing up for their end of year graduate show with the Central Institute of Technology. These kittens have been working hard all year to get their portfolios up to scratch whilst working with the Martians and additionally fundraising the whole time to raise the bucks to put on their grand exhibition. The graduate exhibition is the best opportunity for these cats to show the good folks of industry exactly what they’re made of, and we think what they’re doing is looking real purrrdy.

The Cat’s Pyjamas (graduating students of Graphic Design at the Central Institute of Technology) invite you to participate in CAT FIGHT, an exciting exhibition finale on Friday the 17th of September from 6pm till 8:30pm.

Cat Fight will present a collection of works that traverse a multitude of mediums from the next wave of Western Australian graphic designers and special guest artists.  From clothing to high quality prints and one off pieces- it’s all up for auction with all proceeds going towards funding the final student exhibition.

Viewings will run from 3-6pm on Tuesday the 14th through to Thursday the 16th of September for all those curious cats interested in swinging by during the week. Silent auction forms will be available on these days allowing interested parties to mark their territory on the pieces they love – though be sure to attend Friday night to avoid being outbid.

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