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Packaging is Great (Sometimes)

So I know it’s really bad to have excessive packaging. In Europe citizens can actually protest and get companies in trouble somehow when they get out of control with too many shrink wraps and cardboard shells and what-not around their products. I can’t remember the details but I remember seeing a show on TV a number of years ago where people complained about how many layers there were around a particular box of tea and it seemed like very serious business. I’m all behind all that too, don’t get me wrong. Nothing gets my goat like superfluous design that just wastes space and resources.

Well I’m pretty sure everyone (including the Europeans) would have to agree that the packaging surrounding my new Eames Century Modern Font Collection CD is a thing of beauty. Featuring limited edition packaging with hand silkscreened artwork from the font family itself, this nifty piece of packaging also sports a keyhole at the back so you can hang it on the office wall so you can show everyone just how good looking an asterisk can be, all whilst protecting your hard copy of the font family you shelled over your hard earned bucks for. Just brill I say!


Packaging and wrapping paper for the Eames Century Modern Font Collection

EAMES #145

Hand Numbered


The Reverse side of the Eames Century Modern Font Collection packaging featuring a hand silk screened asterisk from the font.


CD Sleeve for Eames Century Modern Font Collection


The disc with goods on it that inspired al this crazy packaging.

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