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Pin it right – understanding Pinterest and how it can work for your business

These days the list of social media platforms is seemingly endless- Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Foursquare… On and on it goes. So for a time-poor small business owner or operator, it is important to select which platforms will work with your brand strategy and how to use them correctly.

We will be running a series over the coming months on social media, with this week’s focus on the photo-sharing wonderland which is Pinterest.

What’s So Pinteresting?

Pinterest has gained rapid popularity since its launch only 3 years ago. The seemingly simple pinboard-style platform allows users to share photographs of all things beautiful and useful amongst their followers. Each photograph is categorised into groups called “boards”.  Statistics show that the average user spends 90 minutes a month on Pinterest. That’s  longer than that spent on Google +, twitter, or Linkedin.

If You Like It Then You Should’ve Put a Pin On It

It comes at no surprise to hear that 87% of Pinterest users are women. It takes only a quick look at a handful of profiles to see that fashion, arts and crafts, food and drink and dream holiday destinations are popular categories. Friends, connections and followers can then re-pin your images onto their own boards. The top 10 categories on Pinterest are:

1. Home (17.2%)
2. Arts and Crafts (12.4%)
3. Style/Fashion (11.7%)
4. Food (10.5%)
5. Inspiration/Education (9.0%)
6. Holidays/Seasonal (3.9%)
7. Humour (2.1%)
8. Products (2.1%)
9. Travel (1.9%)
10. Kids (1.8%)

[source: mashable]

What are the benefits?

Market Your Products

Create a pin board that features products that your business sells, ensuring they are hyperlinked back to the correct product page.  Fans and followers can then re-pin these products to their own boards.

Boost trust and loyalty in your brand

Boards such as How To, Meet the Team, Our Community or even Giving Back will show your organisation’s personality, show your history and personality and display stability.

Drive Traffic

Pinterest is a huge traffic source to websites, driving more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Those who are benefitting greatly are independent bloggers and women’s lifestyle magazine websites.

Crowd Source & Run Competitions

Clever businesses have used tactics such as asking followers to pin images of themselves with their favourite product that the company sells, tagging the company. The company then re-pins these images to a custom board. This is a great way of creating a sense of community around your brand.

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 Pinterest Facts

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