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Polish Movie Posters

The Martians love movie posters especially Polish ones. For some reason artists there seem to have carte blanch when it comes to knocking out artwork for movies. Sometimes things get a bit surreal but never boring and a lot brilliant.

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun, Designer: Andrzej Pagowski, Year: 1989

War Games

War Games,Designer: Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, Year: 1985

Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China, Designer: Mieczyslaw Wasilewski, Year: 1988


Gremlins, Designer: Jan Mlodozeniec, Year: 1985

Short Circuit

Short Circuit, Designer: Jakub Erol, Year: 1988

The Witches of Eastwick

The Witches of Eastwick, Designer: Jakub Erol, Year: 1989

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