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Education & Schools Websites

Many schools and education institutions underestimate the importance of digital technology. What was once seen as a luxury has now become a necessity, and it’s the students and parents who are driving this movement.

The term “digital technology” goes far beyond a website– we’re talking about mobile, social media, e-learning, email marketing, online registrations, digital resources, libraries, online stores, donation facilities… the list goes on. These encompass both the external communication and internal operations of a school.

Digital specialist Paul Boag shares his thoughts on this:

“Students don’t see digital as an optional extra. They see it as intrinsic to their every interaction. They value digital and physical the same. They pay for Netflix when they don’t have enough money for food. They will spend money on the outfits for a character in a game, while buying their own clothes from a charity shop.”

Here at Mars we’ve seen an increase of schools and education institutions requiring up-to-date websites, video and marketing services. There are a number of big factors driving this– Independent Public School Schools can now manage their own finances; schools are swapping pencils and paper for laptops and tablets; the education sector has become undoubtedly more competitive; and of course busy schedules mean parents prefer to research schools websites in their area online, in their own time.

Having a solid digital foundation can help schools:

  • tell their story and outline what is unique and valuable about their school in order to stand out from the pack by embracing blog writing and social media
  • provide relevant, up-to-date information for students to access online
  • improve internal processes for time-poor teachers and administration staff with online FAQs and enrolments
  • reduce promotional costs by switching printed publications such as newsletters and yearbooks into digital formats
  • keep teachers informed of their child’s schedule, attendance, performance through online portals

The needs and wants of each individual school are vast and varied. If you feel like you need help defining how digital technology can help your school drop us a line. We would love to sit down with you over a cuppa and help clarify your needs.



Martians Love Schools

Media on Mars provides high-end web design services for primary, middle and high schools in Western Australia.

Our team of digital strategists, web designers and user experience developers will work with you closely to create a digital strategy & schools websites that tailors to your school’s unique requirements. Empowering education institutions in Perth is our passion. From primary schools to high schools, universities to research institutions, TAFEs to colleges, we’ll help you craft a digital communication program that improves your processes and tells your brand story.

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