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St Patrick’s Website

Since 1972, St Patrick’s community support centre in Fremantle has worked to help those in need. They are a not for profit organisation providing lodging house accommodation and support services to homeless and disadvantaged adults in the South-West Metropolitan Region of Perth. St Pat’s looked to Media on Mars to refresh their presence online and to create an avenue to share their stories. We created a website that shows the incredible work that St Pat’s does and makes it easier for people to support them.

Our challenge was to take the vast amount of information they had and to display it in a way that is easy to read, looks beautiful and is engaging to the audience. Our solution was to design the website in a modular grid, this gives the website structure and balance even though there are many elements on the page. On the home page there are calls to action to donate, volunteer, view events, read latest news and see the client activities for the week as well as thanking all the supporters of St Pats via a thank you widget.

The website has a dual purpose. To raise the profile of St Pat’s and all the great work they do, as well as encourage people to donate and become involved. It also serves to provide information and a platform for the clients of St Pat’s so they could showcase some of their personal artistic endeavors. One of these stories is the St Pat’s Starlight choir, they were recently selected to audition for Australia’s Got Talent and the website maps this exciting journey. You can purchase the CD of the Choir as well as other merchandise online or book the Choir for an event. While working with St Pats we were fortunate to hear the choir sing on a few occasions, so can highly recommend their CD.

Here is what they had to say about the project – On behalf of the board of management, staff, volunteers and clients of St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, I would like to sincerely thank you and all at Media on Mars for the hard work, creatively and patience in producing and launching the new St Patrick’s website. Our new website enables St Pat’s to communicate our story in a more interactive and engaging format to both stakeholders and clients. The feedback received so far from staff, clients, and our board has been entirely positive, with everyone enjoying the design, the calls to action and the wealth of information displayed in an easy to navigate layout. Once again, thank you very much for your energy and efforts in bringing this project to completion and in so doing, making a difference to those in need within our community.
Steve McDermott
Chief Executive Officer

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