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The Envelope Project

Far far away across the land a shop-front in Melbourne will be transformed everyday for 6 weeks. Meet Me At Mike’s has dreamed up the The Envelope Project. They’re asking for anyone… everyone to send them a decorated envelope with cool stuff inside. There are some rules: the stuff you send must not be expensive but it can be recycled or handmade or just some cool envelope sized bits and pieces you have lying around. The Martians were very excited about this and gathered together odd and ends.

Martian Odd n' Ends

Martian Odd n’ Ends

Envelopes, as they are received by Meet Me at Mike’s, will be opened everyday and displayed in their shop window this equals an awesome interactive window display. Plus at the end of it all one will be picked at random and Meet Me at Mike’s will send every single envelope and their contents to the winner. Best prize ever, ever. Fingers crossed.

The Martian Envelope

The Martian Envelope

Update July 8th 2010:

Our envelope was received safe and sound 🙂

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