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Tod Seelie Photography

Photographer Tod Seelie is having a solo exhibition and book launch this month October 22-27 at Superchief Gallery in NY.

Tom Seelie photographs the dark, derelict and sometimes dangerous side of New York and other peculiar locations. Subjects include DIY punk shows, abandoned buildings, art raft journeys, train yards, slums and just altogether strange goings on. Art raft journeys you ask? See more photos of the artists home made boat journey. Well known Brooklyn based artist Swoon was the creator and you can read more about the project on the website Swimming Cities. Monica Canilao was also on board the Swimming Cities project. She’s an artist who also revels in living on the fringe of society, creating art out of recycled materials and even living and eating for free.

Read a write up on the upcoming Tod Seelie exhibition and book launch on Animal New York.

Here is his other blog  and some of his interesting photographs below.

Tod Seelie Tod Seelie Tod SeelieTod SeelieTod Seelie

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