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User-Centric Methodology

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We all know how frustrating it is when we are forced to navigate a poor digital experience. Likely it will turn us off pretty quickly.

It is such a simple idea and yet, so many organisations forget about the people who will actually use their digital communications (website, app etc) when they plan, design and build them. It’s crazy I know, but happens all too often.

Designing for the end user is a process that involves analysing and foreseeing their behaviour – in this case, we’re talking about their interface with the digital world. It also involves research and testing preferably with actual users (some of the real people who will use your site or app). The goal is to maximise user satisfaction, tailored to how they can or want to use your resource, rather than forcing them into uncomfortable behaviour.

A good user experience doesn’t just happen in one place. It often happens across multiple channels, browsers and devices. That means attention needs to focus on designing for the gaps between these channels and devices.

Real people, real users are at the centre of how we work at Media on Mars.

We partner with you, your audience and your stakeholders to map their journey when they interface with your service or product. This helps us to identify the gaps and design user experiences that are seamless, intuitive and accessible to all people.

We recently worked with the Department of Child Protection on their Youth Say No website. Young people are a tough audience and stopping domestic violence is an even tougher subject matter. To ensure the success of the project, it was imperative that we research the audience for this website to understand what would motivate young people to go to the site and what kind of experience would engage them.

Read about the User Journey Workshops for the Youth Say No project.

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