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The Value of Photography and Videography

Every business can benefit from professional photography and videography. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re selling or what services you  provide. Investing in high-quality, personalised photos will contribute to your overall success. You’ll attract a higher calibre of clients and demonstrate that you take your business seriously.

Take a look at our Paper Bird example, a provider of children’s books and art nestled in the heart of Fremantle’s West End.

Proof Sheet of Professional Photography for Paper Bird

When it comes to business expenses that are absolutely worth it, professional photography should be a priority. Here’s four reasons why we advocate for professional photography and videography:

1. Authenticity.

As a business you are trying to validate yourself in the minds of your audience. You want them to take you seriously and trust in your expertise. Yes, you could use stock photos, but they don’t show your product or service. They simply don’t look authentic. Additionally, anyone can buy a stock photo so there is a high chance another company is using the same image.

2. A brand photographer can tell your unique story.

The imagery you use for your business will have a distinct style that is unique to your company and its story. When a customer sees the images they begin to make a mental association that those pictures belong to one company. Customers want to get to know you and professional photography helps to tell your story. Even more-so videography!

3. Create an archive of marketing collateral.

Great photos grab your audience’s attention and give a fantastic first impression. Investing in professional photography provides you with a bank of fantastic, brand-specific imagery for use across all of your social media and marketing. Your audience will come to associate your brand with its particular style of imagery. This will build trust and recognition of your brand.

4. Boost internal morale.

Your staff will love it! High quality images will help you stand out from the crowd and can make your business appear unique and professional. Your staff will be delighted to have had professional, high-quality photographs taken of them and their work and will benefit from a boost in morale.

Here’s another example from Lance Holt School in Fremantle.

Proof Sheet of Professional Photography for Lance Holt School

Invest in professional photography and videography

If you value your brand you should invest in a professional photographer. To learn more or find out about our photography and videography services, email

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