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Walking the Talk for Accessible Design

We’ll admit — in the beginning the very word “accessibility” made us shudder. As a creative agency, we like to make things look nice and designer-y. We were confused about accessibility compliance — frustrated by it. It was a constant source of annoyance and a headache for our designers and developers.

Then we took Dr Scott Hollier’s course and he introduced us to the very human side of accessible web design. Our eyes widened, our hearts transformed and our world grew. Now we understand that accessibility is about creating a good user experience; it’s part of good design. And it’s more than just ticking the compliance boxes.

Time to Walk the Talk

We work with a lot of government sectors and Not for Profit organisations, so we take on a lot of projects that require accessibility compliance. Through our accessibility journey we’ve learned that digital accessibility is about real people and real needs, not restrictive government policy.

When it came to rebranding and redesigning our own website, it was time for us to walk the talk. In this short video, Media on Mars principal Kammi, digital designer Orla and web developer Roman talk about their personal experiences working to achieve an accessible agency website.

Work in Progress, Always

We believe that creating inclusive websites and digital services observes our society’s obligations to promote human rights and remove discrimination. Your feedback is helpful in identifying shortfalls in our website. Please contact us if you notice any issues. We will acknowledge your comments and implement steps for the issue to be addressed.

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  1. Maintain the amazing activity !! Lovin’ it!

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