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Wearable Graphic Design

I was very excited to day when I heard the dog barking his head off. This usually heralds the arrival of the postman and I was expecting a package so while he scuttled of through the gate with the dog at his heels I opened my parcel.

Threadless is a on line t-shirt shop and it’s great site because it’s slightly different to most of the other t-shirt sites you know. Talented graphic designers submit t-shirt designs and visitors and members of the community vote for their favourite designs. About 1,500 designs get submitted each week and ten of these are picked to be created into t-shirts for the world to buy.

The t-shirts are printed in limited runs so it’s like you’re buying wearable art and if your design is popular enough it will be put forward for a second edition.

Even the package design is cool.

Package Design

I was full of self restraint and took a photo before I tore it open.

It's Always Midnight Somewhere Detail

The designer also gets credit on each t-shirt.

Here’s what I bought, it was difficult decision there were so many to choose from.

It's Always Midnight Somewhere

It’s Always Midnight Somewhere.

Loch Ness Imposter

Loch Ness Imposter

General E

General E

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