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Website Statistics with Analytics

Analytics is Google’s answer to all your statistical dreams. What’s most important is how you can use these analytics to improve your website performance.

About Analytics

Google Analytics can show you how many people are visiting your site every day, what time of day they visit, where they came from and what they’re looking for, as well as a whole host of quality information.

There are really only two ways to improve the performance of your website:

  1. increase the volume of traffic to your site
  2. increase the conversion rate of traffic hitting your site, or in other words,

increase the percentage of visitors that buy from you or make an enquiry. Website analytics gives you detailed information about the quantity and quality of visitors reaching your site and used in conjunction with techniques such as call and lead tracking (tracking where your new customers are coming from), can also help you determine your conversion rate.

Your website is one of the most powerful and cheapest customer acquisition tools available to you. Making better informed decisions and better informed changes to your site ultimately results in a better quality site. A better quality site will result in more sales and more sales means more profit!

Setting up Reports

A Sample of the Stats you can Access Via Analytics

A Sample of the Stats you can Access Via Analytics

When you have a website designed by Media on Mars we will register your site with Google Analytics and email a standard report that to you monthly with information such as:

  • Number of visits and amount of time spent on site
  • Browsers and connection speed of visitors to your website
  • Traffic sources (which sites visitors accessed your site from)
  • Keywords used to find your website on search engines
  • Which countries and cities your visitors are visiting your site from
  • Which pages of your site are being viewed

Customised and more detailed reporting is available for a set fee. Drop us an email if you’d like more information we’re always happy to help out

Web analytics is an immensely powerful business tool. There are many resources on the web if you want to learn more:

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