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What is a Brand Refresh?

We often get asked what the difference is between a Rebrand and a Brand Refresh.

An easy way to think of a Brand Refresh is similar to a personal makeover. When we’re feeling a bit drab we might opt for a different hairstyle and buy a new outfit. Well, sometimes brands need a makeover too!

Take a brand developed in the late 90’s, for example. The brand’s visual elements may have really resonated with the target audience at the time but now look dated and daggy. The way a brand looks can greatly impact on how it is perceived.

Brand Refreshes are particularly useful for big companies where a full rebrand would be an expensive endeavour. A Brand Refresh breathes life into a new brand by updating and modernising existing visual elements.

Here’s a couple of examples of Brand Refreshes that we’ve done.

The Play Room: Before Brand Refresh

The Play Room's old website, before our brand refresh

The Play Room: After Brand Refresh

New website for The Play Room

Working With Children Check: Before Brand Refresh

Working With Children Check's old website, before our brand refresh

Working With Children Check: After Brand Refresh

New website for Working With Children Check

Client Testimonial

Doing a brand refresh was one of the best things we did as part of this project as it has modernised and refreshed all of our collateral without  having to go through the bureaucracy and expense of completely rebranding.

For an organisation as large  as Working with Children Check this was the perfect solution. We are delighted with our new brand and all of the marketing collateral that has been updated as a result of the rebrand. Thank you for all of your hard work and for pushing us to do it.

Susan Burton, Community Engagement Officer
Working with Children’s Check

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