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What is a wireframe?

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A ‘wireframe’ is as it sounds – a skeletal framework. In digital terms we use wireframes in the early stages of designing your website or digital application. They come into play as a prototype which demonstrates the architecture of the application. It looks like an outline but it’s interactive – the elements behave like your website, but without being dressed with the visual look of the finished design.

Every page is detailed and the user’s journey is mapped out through all the pages and functionality of the website. Wireframes are essential because they give you a very clear view of how the application will function from an external point of view, as well as for you at the back-end.

Wireframes are a great way to work out exactly what you want before the expense of design and programming begins. We encourage our clients to invite colleagues, friends and a sample of their intended users to test them and provide feedback.

Click on the links below to see examples of wireframes and functionality mapping that we developed with the Department of Transport and Department of Sport & Recreation for the Your Move program.

More about ‘Your Move‘:

Your Move is a life changing program developed by theDepartment of Transport and Department of Sport & Recreation. Media on Mars is delighted to partner with them to deliver the digital aspects of website and social media management.

Even though we know we should incorporate active, healthy habits into our daily lives making it happen can be hard! The YOUR MOVE program, currently in Wanneroo, offers help and advice to motivate people to enjoy more active lives. By connecting folks to recreation activities, advice, trails and facilities in their locality they aim to also alleviate traffic congestion, strengthen community and to influence individual attitudes to exercise. The practical assistance is delivered across platforms – web, videos and social media – to suit and be accessible to everyone; there’s even call mentoring.

The feedback has been magnificent so far. Here are just a few of the comments from the Wanneroo movers and shakers:

“Since receiving calls and letters from Your Move I’ve gone from no exercise to taking 10,000 steps a day. For a person who hated exercise to missing it if I can’t go for a walk, it’s amazing.”

“I didn’t think about exercise until I joined up to Your Move. I now love it and walk with my grandkids to the park more as well as go on my exercise bike at home every day.”

“I’m a new mum and have lost 20kgs since Your Move came along. I love the emails and letters and the personal touches. I would like to say a big thank you to the Your Move team as I’m more active than ever. I even bought a running pram in the last couple months to look hot for my cousin’s wedding this month!”

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