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Why Blog?

After scratching our heads for good long while, Media on Mars has decided to make our belated debut into the world of Internet blogging. After much research it turns out that blogs are not only good for celebrity gossip, soapbox ranting, and FAIL photographs, but a good blog can be one of the keys to a good GOOGLE ranking. Who would have thunk it?

Over the coming months this segment of our blog – ‘Messages from Mars’ – will cover topics of interest relating to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Image of a Marmite jar with I Love blogs written on it.

Each month we will share tips and tricks on how to improve your website rankings with the great Googlebot we all wish to appease.

Blogging for Business

A good blog helps with your site’s SEO because of the way blogs interact with search engines. Google loves fresh, original and quality content as well as external sites linking to your website. A blog that is regularly updated provides a mechanism for adding lots of fresh content that won’t interfere with the structure of your website – and within each post you can also add links to important pages within your website, thereby building the much beloved external links.

Maintaining a blog is easy and requires no specialised web skills, meaning you, your staff or your mum can maintain your blog using blogging websites such as:


By personalising your website, you can provide your customers with more valuable information about your business and the industry you work in.

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