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Wireless Hill Interpretive Signage is up!

We’ve been doing an interpretive signage project with public artist Steve Tepper for the City of Melville.

These signs were installed in time for the Wireless Hill Centenary Celebration held on 30th September 2012.

The site has always been a significant place for communication.Wireless Hill was one of Australia’s first telecommunications stations. The site played an important role in both World Wars, relaying messages from ship to shore.

The three signs are about:

  1. the Wireless Station built in 1912
  2. the Biodiversity and Ecology of Wireless Hill and
  3. Yagan’s Lookout

The signs have been made with cast cement bases and corten. The information panels are printed on aluminium which have been bolted to the corten. The base of the signs are also a seat for people to relax and admire the awesome view of the river and native bushland. We have also designed the pavers around the perimeter of the site and some larger cast letter signage. It was really enjoyable working with Steve Tepper and the people of City of Melville on this project!


We have now been working with Media on Mars for over 12 months on a staged signage project at Wireless Hill, City of Melville. Stage one was delivered efficiently and expertly. The outcome was a suite of beautifully designed interpretive signs that met the criteria we requested – fitting in with our organisation’s style guide but artistically produced to enhance but not override the aethertics of a heritage listed site. Quality materials have been used to compliment the industrial heritage of the site, yet the materials are organic in nature so that they will weather nicely over the years and fit in with the natural bush setting. We look forward to continuing with the Media on Mars team in Stage Two.

Gina Capes – Wireless Hill Project Curator

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