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Work Life Balance on Mars

Here at Mars HQ workplace happiness and maintaining a work/life balance are high on our list of priorities. We are a team of creatives, developers and managers – an eclectic group of individuals with individual needs.

Over several weeks we have been working alongside our business coach to achieve a perfect work/life balance. We have been exploring:

What is Office Freedom? What is a Flexible Workplace? and How can this be achieved?

STEP 1: Exploration

The first stage was for each of the Martians to create their ideal day and week. The premise of this activity was to see where we are now, what we can achieve and where we want to be.

So what did the Martians want out of their working week? Was it designing from home one morning a week? Working a 9-day fortnight? Having “flexi-Fridays”? Or perhaps simply having our weekly staff meetings out of the office on occasion?

This process also involved us reading a number of case studies, including The Concept of Office Freedom and How It Fixes Age Old Organizational Problems and  Why You Should Work From a Coffee Shop Even When You Have an Office. Each offered fantastic blog into productivity and workplace happiness.

STEP 2: Illumination

Our business coach also talked about Circadian Rhythm. The 24-hour cycle of our body is important to our physical and emotional well being and can be disrupted by factors such as lack of sleep or stress. One (very enjoyable) way of resetting the clock is to spend 30 minutes of the day with your feet plated on the earth, whether it is feeling the sand between your toes, or tramping through your dewy lawn.

Your Circadian Rhythm also affects the way we work. To reach an ideal stage of productivity your day should be grouped into three stages:

1. Early Morning: This is the time for uninterrupted creative time, with your mind at it’s clearest. By avoiding the distractions of emails, phone calls and social media our team are able to work at their creative best

2. Mid-morning/Midday: This block is also allocated to creative time, but can be interrupted with urgent emails and phone calls.

3. Afternoon: Research shows that post-lunch the mind and body go into a slump and is typically the time that we instinctively reach for caffeine and sugar to help us power through the afternoon. Subsequently, it’s the perfect time for administration tasks and client meetings.

STEP 3: The Stars Align

So what have we discovered on our journey?

  • A change of environment stimulates creativity
  • Structuring your day correctly results in a sizable increase in productivity
  • The importance of fewer distractions


The Martians enjoying their staff meetings out of the office at Fremantle Arts Centre (top) and Moore & Moore Cafe

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